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Diana Furnishing is one of Qatar’s earliest furniture establishments. Diana Furnishing opened its doors in 1963 and has continued to serve its customer for over 50 years. With high quality and leading designs coming from predominant countries as Italy, Spain and U.S. etc. We have maintained and retained the highest quality of our furniture and of our customer service and satisfaction. Our leading variety of furniture fits all cliental needs, whether it may be for residential or commercial space. Diana Furnishing offers an array of classic living room, bedroom, dining furniture and a large variety of accessories including wall paper. As a part of our continuous effort in leading the way in customer experience, we offer our customers and in-house designer. Whether it may be that our valued customers simply need assistance in designing their homes or office space or their difficulty in time, we understand that our customers may need professional assistance and we truly aim to cater to these needs. Part of this effort to continuously work for our clients, we have given our customers the capability of placing customer orders directly through Diana Furnishings, in the aim to always provide our customers with the right furniture they need. Diana Furnishings has been here serving all its clients for over the past 50 years and our customers have always walked away with a “smile” and we intend retain that “smile” for the following decades ahead.

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